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Quickly and Professionally

I recently turned to the Connor Law Group to help me resolve a business contract dispute. Mr. Connor handled my case quickly and professionally, allowing me to focus on other responsibilities. I will turn to him for any future legal needs and I encourage others to do so as well!

Christine G.

Handled Multiple Cases For Me

Mr. Connor has now handled multiple cases for me. One case in particular was very unique and challenging. Mr. Connor mastered a very specialized, and probably somewhat foreign, topic quickly, and won for us everything that we were looking for. I highly recommend him, and will make use of his services as needed in the future.

Dan Reichart, Ph.D. - UNC - Director of the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network

Expertise, Excellent Listener

Greg’s speculation on the best case scenario regarding the outcome of our case did match the actual results. His expertise in the unique characteristics of the Orange County judicial system proved to be correct and were core to our strategy. Greg is an excellent listener and is able to understand, build on or redirect your own ideas in a personable and creative manner.

Ms. Jennifer Moore, Rational Go To Marketing Manager at IBM

Second to None

As a former owner/operator of two restaurants, I have had my fair share of dealing with lawyers in my lifetime……… That being said, Shortly after my Mother passed away, I found myself in a sticky situation with my sibling and it came time to find a litigation attorney. Lucky for me, the Estates attorney referred me to Greg Connor and his law group. From day one I knew Greg was not only a brilliant attorney but his kindness and compassion for my situation was second to none. He talked me down off the ceiling more than once with his calming effect. He replied to my emails, kept me informed and actually answered his phone when I called. His demeanor in the courtroom setting was stellar! His presence and presentation of my case was powerful! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Greg Connor put an end to my nightmare once and for all…..for that I am truly thankful. I strongly recommend Greg Connor and Connor Law Group if you’re looking for a knowledgeable, reliable and caring attorney.


Silver Lining to my Legal Cloud

Most of us don’t start the day wondering if we will need a Lawyer or not, but when your day comes I hope you consider using The Connor Law Group and Greg Connor. The day I needed an Lawyer was a dark day indeed. Mr. Connor’s compassion and expertise were invaluable in helping me make it thru that day and the days that followed. His entire staff showed me that they cared about my case like it was their own. And the outcome they provided made all the worrying unnecessary. I highly recommend The Connor Law Group when your dark cloud comes.


The Solution

Greg Connor was very helpful in my time of need. He handled everything for my case and let me know up front that it was time to to take a breath and realize I was part of a team now. Greg was thorough and expedited the process quickly. Thanks to his wonderful work I am able to have a fresh start on life again. Greg and his team communicate well with their clients and are sympathetic to the emotions a person goes through in a bankruptcy experience. Greg is extremely knowledgeable about the laws of is craft in and out of the state; he was my official law book for any circumstance I asked about. The Connor Law Group does not price gouge either, they give a fair cost and work with you. The best part is when all is said and done, Greg and his team are there with you every step of the way!


Wonderful Attorney

Mr. Connor is an excellent attorney who does amazing work. He has a ton of experience in Business Law, but doesn’t price gauge like other attorney’s with equal experience. I will definitely run to Mr. Connor if need be. I send all of my friends and family to him for anything from Bankruptcy to updating their Wills/Trusts to starting up a new business and they have all been as equally satisfied with his work and pricing as I have!

Thanks for Great Service

My brother recently needed the services of a good bankruptcy attorney as he sorted out a financial disagreement with his former business that had been recently purchased by another party. I located Greg Connor using a referral service and was able to schedule an appointment almost immediately. There were a lot of issues, including several with the IRS, that had placed my brother and his family’s personal assets at risk. Greg and his support staff were able to effectively stop all collection attempts and lien efforts by the business creditors, and even got the IRS to waive the amounts they were trying to collect. My brother passed away at the conclusion of the proceedings, but his wife and son were able to grieve in peace without worrying the estate would be pursued by former business creditors or the IRS. Greg was also able to handle the estate and take care of everything during a very difficult time for our family. Thank you to you and your staff Greg.

Susan T.

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